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Join us in a critical effort to free Billy, the elephant, from the LA Zoo, and witness the remarkable capabilities of these majestic creatures. Recent research has shown that African elephants, like Billy, use unique "names" to communicate with each other, indicating their advanced social interactions and abstract thinking. This discovery not only highlights their intelligence but also stresses the importance of providing them with a natural and supportive environment.

Your support for our GoFundMe campaign will contribute directly to our mission to relocate Billy to a sanctuary where he can thrive and interact naturally with other elephants. By understanding more about their sophisticated communication methods, such as individual naming, we recognize the profound impact a free and natural habitat has on their well-being.

Help us ensure that Billy has a future where he can roam freely, express his natural behaviors, and be called by his own unique name, just as he would in the wild. Every donation brings us closer to giving Billy the life he deserves.

Explore our campaign and contribute today: Save Billy - The Time is Now. Let's make a significant difference together in Billy's life and in the lives of elephants worldwide. We must not let Billy die at the LA Zoo!!


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Check out this amazing article from Sciencealert.com:

Wild Elephants Invent Names For One Another in Surprise Sign of Abstract Thinking

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Our goal is to raise $20,000, to work together with Dr. Ensley to gather all vet records and documents, to make sure that the zoo understands they legally must provide everything we request, to create and make public a report with clear evidence about Billy, Tina, Shaunzi and Jewel, and to meet with councilmembers to advocate for the elephants and show them the truth of what is happening to the elephants as opposed to the zoos’ cruel fabrications.



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