Jake was found wandering the streets. It’s not a good beginning for a cat and Jake would probably not be thriving today if a rescuer had not scooped him up and called VFTA. We found Jake a home where he is a valued and loved part of the family. 


Linda lost her husband, suddenly, more than a year ago. Feeling alone, she decided to foster a cat.  She found Lizzie through VFTA and Linda decided she wanted to keep Lizzie permanently . Linda says Lizzie makes her house a home again.


Daisy started out as a foster cat but her foster family decided to keep her.  She is now thriving in a loving home surrounding by caring humans.


Gatsby was one of a group of sick and emaciated kittens who were living on the street in Skid Row. A rescuer brought them to VFTA and Gatsby responded well to all the good care he received. He soon found a wonderful home with a loving human mom and her kitty. Family is everything!


I love Shanzee so much and I can’t remember a life without her. I wake up every day grateful to see her little face and that you brought us together!


Selena was rescued from the animal shelter after her owners had left her there. She had some alopecia because of the stress, but looked much better after she got out. She has found such a loving home and we are so happy for her!

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