Grover Rescues Simba

Meet Simba!


We just took Simba out of the shelter. He is so adorable!! He was found standing over his deceased owner's body three days after she passed away. When he was found, he was howling in grief. Even with everything he has gone through, he is the most loving and sweet doggie! He has dental issues, will probably have to have teeth removed, and given his age and the fact that he was severely dehydrated, it will be a delicate surgery. He is also overweight and will have to be put on a vet assessed diet depending on his blood work. His nails are long and have affected how he walks, so we'll have to do xrays to make sure there are no spinal issues. And he will have to be put in a special paid foster to work with him since he is still in grief and has heavy separation anxiety. We estimate the cost of all of these procedures to be $4000.


Thanks to the Grover Fund, Mike and Grover helped VFTA rescue Simba and are asking for your help to raise the additional $3,000 to pay for Simba's medical bills and treatment. 

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