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Dear Jean-Marie,


It has taken us many years to get here – but we are finally here! The Los Angeles City Council will vote on whether to send Billy to the sanctuary or force him to stay (and die) at the LA Zoo.

This campaign began with a handful of students who were appalled by what they saw. We made a film called “Elephants and Man: A Litany of Tragedy,” which documents the unthinkable cruelty inflicted by the LA Zoo on the elephants. After its premiere, we all thought – Great! That’s it! It’s done, and it will all change! Little did we know how many years it would take to counter the zoo’s lies and the public’s continued misconception that the zoo is Disneyland for the elephants.

We watched Tara die. We watched Gita die. And in the last year, we watched both Jewel and Shaunzi die. We cried our eyes out, but we never gave up.

Some incredible milestones gave us hope: VFTA confronted then-LA Zoo Director John Lewis in front of the City Council when he lied about Gita’s health. Not long after, Gita died, and Lewis quit.

We produced a film about Billy, narrated by Cher. Viewers saw the extreme cruelty he was forced to endure and the ongoing pain he experiences every day.

We showed that zoos around the country are sending their elephants to sanctuary. The public doesn’t want to see elephants in zoos anymore!

This is the moment to send Tina and Billy to the sanctuary and close the elephant exhibit. We need your support to send a clear message to the council: THE PUBLIC DOES NOT WANT TO SEE ANY ELEPHANTS AT THE LA ZOO ANYMORE!! 16 ELEPHANTS HAVE DIED AT THE ZOO!! NO MORE!!

Lily on VFTA

Lily Tomlin on VFTA

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Our goal is to raise $20,000, to work together with Dr. Ensley to gather all vet records and documents, to make sure that the zoo understands they legally must provide everything we request, to create and make public a report with clear evidence about Billy, Tina, Shaunzi and Jewel, and to meet with councilmembers to advocate for the elephants and show them the truth of what is happening to the elephants as opposed to the zoos’ cruel fabrications.



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