Voice For The Animals coordinated the "The Cycle of Violence, From Animal Welfare to Domestic Violence" Seminar in Athens, Greece!


Voice For The Animals, The Alliance For Greece and the Panhellenic Animal Welfare Federation coordinated this conference for the Ministry of Public Order and Security of Citizens and the Greek Police, with guest speakers from the LAPD and the Virginia Attorney General's Office, as well as Melya Kaplan (3rd from left in the above picture).

Executive Director and Founder Melya Kaplan helped educate Greek law enforcement officers about the dangers of animal abuse leading to violence against humans and taught officers at the police academy warnings signs to search for when uncovering animal cruelty.


Greece Welcomes The US!






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See the conference!

Click the link to read the Translation from the Greek by Kathryn Price




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 The Seminar In Action


This is a picture that was taken at a coffee shop in the island of Lesvos, North Aegean Sea, Greece. Greece has enacted strict laws regarding animal protection, but efforts to spread knowledge and address cultural values have allowed for great strides towards changing the country's long-standing indifference, negligence or maltreatment of animals. 


Voice For The Animals is an Official Supporter of Dolphinaria-Free Europe!

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