Helping Friends

The Helping Friends program gives seniors, people with disabilities, terminal illnesses, and individuals on fixed incomes the extra support they need to care for their animals, who often are their only companions.

If you need assistance from the Helping Friends program, call our Hotline at 310-392-5153 or email us at [email protected] 



This is Spots. He doesn’t look at all happy in this picture but he’s going to have a long, happy life now that the cancerous growths have been removed from his sweet ears flaps. This was certainly a surprise diagnosis for his person, who called Helping Friends to find the support she needed for Spots’ surgery.


Penelope always stayed in her yard with her mom until one very bad day when she set a paw outside the gate and met up with a coyote. Her mom rushed her off to the vet and called Helping Friends for help. We were able to help put Penelope back together.


Thumper has been around for a while (she’s 16) and loves to play and cuddle. When her person called us, however, Thumper was in bad shape, shaking and unable to eat because of her hyperthyroid condition. We helped Thumper get her levels straightened out and she is back to being her old, loving self.


This is Rex. He had a lump on his back and needed surgery when his person, Michael, contacted Helping Friends. Michael is a veteran and should be entitled to help for his dog but was having trouble because Rex is not classified as a service dog. “Service” animals come in all shapes and sizes and Rex means the world to Michael. We were glad to help Michael help Rex get the surgery he needed.


"I want to thank Helping Friends for keeping the faith with me when I thought I would lose my dog. I’m wheelchair bound and Niko is my service dog, aka my best friend. At only nine years old, and otherwise healthy, he developed a cancerous, fast-growing tumor on his leg. I was desperate until I called Helping Friends where I found a calm, caring voice and support for Niko’s surgery. I am so grateful."

- Peg


"By the time I met Piccolino, he had already had a lifetime worth of suffering. He was in a shelter, which was a step up from the abusive situation that had nearly ruined his health. I immediately got him to a vet, where he was treated for a long list of injuries and diseases. But, this little guy is a trouper! He’s gaining weight and getting healthier. Grazie to Helping Friends for helping me save my Piccolino."

- Gina


Hazel is a Mini-Doxy. As she’s gotten older, her teeth have gotten bad. I adore my little girl but didn’t have the funds to help her. I’m so glad Helping Friends was able to help restore Hazel’s smile.

- Brandon


"I want to thank Voice for the Animals for helping my kitten. She swallowed a piece of rubber and couldn't pass it; we were told she needed to be put down or have emergency surgery. There was no way we were going to let her go, so we went on with the surgery. The bill came as a shock, because we have a fixed income and could only pay for a certain amount. We are very grateful and appreciate the help given to us by Voice for the Animals. Luna is happy and healthy once again."

- Elizabeth Jimenez


"I'm a 48 yo man who lives with a chronic illness. I live off of disability and a part time job which isn't much. 
When I got the news from the vet that my dog Milo would need surgery I panicked. The bill was way more than I expected and couldn't afford. Luckily thru research I found the Voice for the Animals Foundation. Not only were they fast in response and immediately took on Milo's case with a donation. 
Thank you Voice for the Animals Foundation. Milo's home healing and doing well. I don't know what I would've done without you."

- Jasper A. Perrin


"Alfalfa needed teeth and abscesses removed immediately with cleaning. He had also developed nasal passage dripping since seeing Dr. Bill Connelly in October. Dr. Connelly had him on antibiotics and scheduled him for operation. Thank you. God Bless."

- Jacqueline Thompson 


"Dear Debbie, I just want to say thank you for the donation in helping Naz get the surgery he needed. Naz was abandoned  by a family who lives in our complex. About 2 1/2 weeks ago he showed up with a huge open abscess on his shoulder and I knew he needed to go to the Vet. I already have 2 rescue cats and I work 3 jobs just to make ends meet. Thank you so much for helping us."

- Donna


"Hi Debbie, my mother Linda and I wanted to let you know that Dutchess is doing fine after her surgery last week. She had to have eight teeth removed. She finished her antibiotics yesterday and is starting to look and feel healthy! Thank you so much for your caring and donation - it made a difference.

With love & gratitude"

- Linda and Cynthia

Teddy Longo

"It was so sweet of you to call back and a pleasure speaking with you today.  This is Teddy. He is the live of our life and family.  Day before Christmas Eve his back left leg started to give him trouble and by Christmas morning it was paralyzed and we were in the AV Veterinary office. After a CT Scan we discovered he had a ruptured disk and he had spinal surgery the next day. He is still in the hospital and hoping he will recover and walk again Thank you so much!"

- Stacey


"We found Peanut in our lawn with an injured leg. Most likely hit by a car or motorcycle and abandoned in our yard. The wound was down to the bone and the paw was just hanging by fragments. The leg will soon have to be amputated. Thank you for your donation for the amputation at Moreno Valley Animal Hospital." 
Thank you, 
- The Cornell Family


"Mia broke her leg this past Saturday night. My family and I are on a fixed budget. The money that I bring in is accounted for rent, bills and food. The
ex-rays the doctor showed me indicate she will need a minor surgical
procedure to place a pin on the bone in order to fix the problem. 
I really want to thank you for the help you have offered. It means a lot to my family and I.
Thanks very much!! :)"
- Jeff Cerna

Michael Angelo

"I had to bring my Therapy Dog Michael Angelo to the Vet today. I did not have the funds to pay for the full blood work and decided (bad decision on my part) to try to treat him. Bad news, the blood work came back positive for Pancreatitis.  I had to admit him to the Hospital.  Now thanks to wonderful people like yourself, I am a little at ease.

I thank you very much for your assistance, This means the world too me." 
-Marilyn Perez-Zaragoza


“I wanted to personally thank you for your time and for your donation. Macho breaking his elbow was a financial hardship.  You were a blessing to us during
a difficult time and for that we are forever grateful.”

- The Gomez Family


“Luke was treated for a gash in his leg after being hit by a car.  He’s doing much better now… thank you so much!  I’m so grateful for you guys and what you do to help others.”

- Jesus S.


"I wanted to thank Voice For The Animals again for their pledge.  Xena had a successful surgery.  She is able to move around but she's really sore. She's taking antibiotics and pain medications.  She's been resting a lot. She would've been put to sleep in a city shelter. Thank you so much for helping us give her a second chance to live."                                                                

Thank you,
- Jacqueline Horn


Hades was diagnosed with one of the worst cases of stones in his bladder that the vet had ever seen. Thank you all so much for your donation. You can’t understand how much we appreciate it!

- Josh H.


When Bob was 10 he was diagnosed with having a skin hemangioma. Thank you so much for being a part of Bob’s journey to recovery!     

- Maryann E.


Punkin was having tummy problems when his parents turned to Helping Friends for help. They wrote: “Punkin our cat and family member has been told what Voice For The Animals can do for us.


Bunny was roaming the streets until a kindly lady rescued her. She soon gave birth to three kitties who easily found homes. Helping Friends stepped in to help get Bunny spayed. She’s living happily ever after with the kindly lady.


Cookie was a 50th anniversary gift from her dad, Tak to her mom. That was 14 years ago. She is now her dad’s companion. He’s 95 years old and was worried when Cookie had some health problems. Helping Friends was able to get Cookie the help she needed and restore her to health.

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