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Bird Watching

Hey everyone, Night here! I had a really great day today and felt like sharing it with the world, so here it is. :)

My favorite pastime is bird watching, and luckily for me, my foster mom's apartment is surrounded by trees and so there's lots of birds to be watched. Really, I'd love to get out there and practice my hunting skills for real, but foster mom says going outside is a no no, which is probably smart as there's a good chance that I'd fall right off the balcony trying to catch the birds that mock me from the branches. 

Still, I think it's good to keep my stalking practice up so that my skills are purrfect - at least I'd be able to catch toy birds and mice with ease. This is my strategy: I hide behind the shelf where the birds can't see me and then wait for them to look away - then it's all engines on as I speed stealth towards the door! If I could get to the birds then I'm sure my hunt would be a success because they NEVER see me coming...but alas, the practice is still fun.

Today was so much fun that I'm thinking of making it a repeat performance tomorrow. I should go and check on Willow now; she joined me for some bird watching earlier but I've been so distracted by the birds myself that I barely even noticed....

Until next time,