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The Lid

Hey everyone, Willow again!

Wow, what an awesome day I had today thanks to my foster mom giving me a bottle lid to play with. I know what you might be thinking: "A bottle lid? Why didn't she give you a cat toy?" Well, I do have lots of cat toys, but she knows that my biggest weakness is bottle tops - I just can't resist them! I see them on the floor or in her hand and I'm hooked instantly. I think foster mom gets a lot of fun out of watching me play - she does seem to laugh a lot as I pounce in the air to attack the lid. Luckily she pays me with love, else I may feel a little used. I feel my entire day was spent in pursuit of my pal "the lid," but then it is the bestest toy in the world, so that can't be a bad way to spend a day. 

By the time dinner came around, I was so hungry from chasing my obsession all day that I actually finished mine before Night, which has never happened before - she usually eats hers and then comes for mine. With a full belly and worn out from the day's events, I think it's time to nap on foster mom's lap and soak up some attention...the day's not complete without some Willow love!

Until next time,