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"The purpose of this letter is to praise Voice For The Animals for the manner in which they respond for help and assistance from the public.  I contacted them in regards to a cat that I feed who is homeless.  My neighbor had taken him to Harbor Animal Shelter after he got stuck in my gate.  When I went to the Shelter,  they would not let me take him out.  I knew there was a death sentence hanging over him. The next day, I sent an e-mail about my situation, I heard from Debbie Wood.  Promptly, she went into action. Within several hours, everything had been arranged for me to get this cat out of danger.  When there was a need to re-program the event, it was done in a patient and positive manner.  On Wednesday, the 30 of September, I was able to successfully get “Honey Lemon"-granddaughter’s  name- out of peril.  Debbie Wood has excellent communications skills along with good organizational tactics.  Everything went like clockwork.  

I am impressed by your organization and the people involved.  You contribution to animal well-being is awesome.

Yours truly,

Susan Fein

Thank you so much for returning my call. I was so worried when my dog started limping. He is my therapy dog and I really need to be able to have him with me all the time. You helped me find a low cost vet and we got the problem taken care of.


I called the Hotline because our dog, Rosie, needed to go to the vet. She jumped off the bed as she has done dozens of times, but this time, she landed wrong. She’s an older dog – she just doesn’t realize it yet! VFTA was able to help us find a low cost vet. We are so grateful Rosie is healing and will take good care of her.

Juan and Marianna

Thank you for helping me find treatment for my kitten, Snowy. I didn’t know what to do when she got sick. Just knowing that someone cared enough to return my call gave me some peace of mind.


Due to the economy and our having to downsize to an apartment that does not allow pets, Tony, our 8 year old rescued cat needed a new home and continued love. After close to a year, four counties, 20 phone calls to shelters, exhausting all our neighborhood, friends, and family contacts, Santa Monica Animal Shelter led us to Voice For the Animals Foundation’s Hotline.”

Harry and Sherry, Santa Monica, CA

When we first saw Cookie’s picture, we couldn’t believe our eyes. A beautiful little Yorkie looking for a home! We fell in love before we even met her, especially when we heard her story.

We learned that Cookie was found on the street by a woman who brought her into a home where there was another, larger dog who frightened Cookie. She began having medical problems, stumbling and falling, looking as if her back legs were giving out. The woman realized she couldn’t keep Cookie and called VFTA. Their Rescue Coordinator brought Cookie into her own home to foster. Cookie was terrified at first, shaking like a leaf and yelping any time someone tried to pet her. After a few days, however, Cookie realized she was safe. Her huge personality came shining through and her medical problems? It turns out she was malnourished.

When we met Cookie, she was getting the right food and had become a happy, healthy doggie. Even though we live a long way from her foster home, VFTA’s foster family brought her to us (and checked us out, of course!).

We are so grateful to VFTA for saving the life of our beloved little Cookie and bringing this little ray of sunlight into our home.  

I am recently disabled and have been out of work for a month. I recently found a kitten outside with no mother around to care for her. Seeing that she was in need, I decided to take her in. I am weeks away from any pay check for my currently disability but she needed food fast. I’m so grateful to Voice For The Animals for sending enough kitten food to keep her healthy and happy.


I know this picture is hard to look at. This is Diego. He belongs to my neighbor, who swears there’s nothing wrong with him. I’ve gotten her to take Diego to a vet just once but I’m not sure she is following up on his meds. I reach out to Helping Friends for support – just to talk to someone who understands and tries to point me in the right direction. I’ll be calling again.


This is Bogey. It’s not his best side but Bogey hasn’t been able to lie down like that because of a growth on his leg. He’s been a member of our family since he was eight weeks old and it was breaking our hearts to see him in so much discomfort. We are so grateful for the support we received.


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