Why Foster For VFTA?

The more fosters we have, the more animals we can save. Many choose to foster since they cannot be a permanent guardian, but wish to enjoy the many benefits of taking care of an animal.




Please download our Foster Application here.  Fill out the application form and sign and initial the “Applicant’s Agreement” on the last page. You can send it back via:
Fax: 310-773-9027

Fosters must have:

  • A pet-friendly home
    • If you are fostering a dog, you must have a safe, enclosed yard with no way for a dog to escape.
    • If you are fostering a cat, you must make sure that there is no way for the cat to escape from your home because all fostered cats must be kept indoors only.
    • When fostering any animal from VFTA, make sure that you firmly seal all windows.
  • Lots of TLC to give
  • Reliable communication (whether email or phone). Fosters must respond to emails or phone calls at a reasonable rate.


Once your application is approved, our Adoption Coordinator will contact you about finding a good foster match.




Being a foster parent is extremely rewarding. You've directly saved a life by giving an animal a second chance. We have all sorts of animals that need fostering- newborns, scared and skittish abused/neglected animals, and perfectly happy animals that had just run out of time at the shelter!  These animals will need a consistent, loving environment to unwind, relax, and learn to TRUST.

You may be asked to provide minor medical care, such as administering antibiotics or treating ear mites.  If you have any concerns, medical or otherwise, you should always contact the VFTA Adoption Coordinator immediately.


VFTA can provide the supplies necessary to care for a foster animal; however, any of the materials that you can provide will help offset costs and will go to saving more animals.

Should you choose to cover fostering expenses, they are tax deductible as contributions on behalf of a legitimate charity. VFTA can provide your accountant with the relevant information.


The length of fostering time varies with each case. Animals can be in your home from a week to a month or more depending on the animal’s health and circumstance as well as your desire and ability to continue fostering. The length of stay can be approximated prior to a fostering commitment to allow for personal plans.


As long as proper introductions are implemented, there should be no problem. In fact, your pets may enjoy the added company!  VFTA holds mandatory one-on-one foster orientations to ensure a successful foster experience.


We also offer a FOSTER TO ADOPT (FTA) program. For more information visit click here.



We are now officially proud members of ASPCA's Adoption Ambassador program.  To find out more about this unique network of animal shelters, visit ASPCA's Adoption Ambassadors website.


Other Questions Please Contact Us

Thank you again for your interest!

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