History of Working Cats

 “Your assistance with the introduction and acclimation of our feral cats has been invaluable to our organization. As part of a large City based entity, it would be difficult for our personnel to apply the knowledge, and time -consuming efforts, necessary to achieve the desired results. We have greatly benefited from your organization’s assistance and involvement in establishing our Working Cats™ program. We couldn’t have done it without your help.”

~ Chief Kirk Albanese, Commanding Officer Foothill Area, LAPD


Our program began at the Flower Mart in downtown Los Angeles, where they have had a problem with rats since 1909. Through a carefully managed re-colonization plan, we brought in unsocialized cats who have been wonderfully successful at keeping the rats away (rats will avoid areas with cats). Scott Yamabe, CEO of South California Growers Association, was skeptical at first, but was soon very enthusiastic about the program.


In April 2008, the Working Cats® Program saw the installation of 9 cats at the Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine in the Pacific Palisades.


Since then, Working Cats have been successfully placed in the Crossroads School campus, the Los Angeles Police Department Wilshire and Foothill divisions, and in private homes.

Both the Los Angeles Times and the Daily News reported on our Working Cats program. 

Please visit www.workingcats.org for more information on Working Cats®

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