Urgent! Cats need help immediately!

Happy November!


Voice For the Animals is sending you all the very best wishes for a safe and joyful holiday season. May you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Cats In Need of Foster Homes or Adoption or Underwriting.
This is an emergency as these cats are going to be forced out of their current facility. THEY NEED YOUR HELP!



Puffy is a female, gray maine coon, polydactil. Puffy was rescued from a horrible situation, where she was kept in a cage for months. If someone is interested in fostering or adopting her, they must be prepared to have patience. Humans have broken her heart and it will take time for her to learn to trust again.



Melody is a 1-year-old female, gray tabby over white. Melody came from a high kill shelter where she would have been killed. Now that she is in care, she is thriving. She is still quite shy, but enjoys music as her name indicates. Melody is available for a foster to someone who is patient and kind. She is beautiful but still scared from her time in the shelter.



Ringtail is a 20-year-old female, gray snowshoe. Her family packed up their house and drove away. Blind and deaf, Ringtail was left on the street to fend for herself. She sat in front of her abandoned house for days, until a kind neighbor noticed her and called us. Voice For The Animals immediately took her in. The first thing we noticed was that she was skinny and dehydrated. Both of her eyes were red and oozing. Her ears were loaded with mites. Our vet looked at her and said that the infection in her eyes which caused her blindness will require ongoing medical attention. Although she will never see or hear again, we want to make the years she has left peaceful and happy.



Aurora is a four-year-old female. She is so very friendly. As soon as she sees you, she's comes over and says hello. We rescued Aurora and her sister Katie from a hoarder. We found them living in deplorable conditions. The house was filthy and the cats were rarely fed. Now that she is being cared for, she's incredibly friendly and comfortable with people. Aurora also has a sister... named Katie.



Katie is a beautiful black cat. In fact, Katie is Aurora's sister! These two might be a good pair, for someone who would like to have two cats. Katie is shy, but she is ready to be fostered or adopted. If she were with the same person everyday, the shyness would go away... but, of course, it would be a process. Katie is most comfortable around people when she is sitting or perched on something up high, such as a cabinet. When she's in the floor, Katie's always a few feet away. Yet, when she's lying on top of a shelf or cabinet, she is happy to have people pet her and spend time together.



Penelope is a unique black-and-white female, with a black patch on her chin. She especially loves to have her shoulders rubbed. Penelope was rescued from a high kill shelter just minutes before she was about to be euthanized. She was turned into the shelter by a family who was moving and didn't want to take her. They said they would just get another cat when they got settled! Penelope is named after the super famous and totally fab Penelope Cruz. She is a tuxedo cat who loves to play. Her favorite toys are chase toys. She also likes to nap in front of a sunny window and to watch the birds outside. Scratch her shoulders and she's a friend for life. She is very affectionate and has been known to meow when her person is leaving. She has a great way of dropping to the floor when she wants to be touched.



Lady is a beautiful two-year-old gray female. Lady was also rescued from a high kill shelter. She was turned in by a family who didn't want her anymore. Because she was an adult and very scared, she was scheduled to be euthanized. Lady is ready to join a foster home or be adopted! Lady will need to be a solitary cat because sometimes she does not get along well with other cats. She is friendly with people and just needs someone who is good/patient with cats. Lady has a sad story. She was turned in by a family who didn't want her anymore. Because she was an adult and very scared, she was scheduled to be euthanized. She is a shy and needs someone who is willing to get to know her over time. She is willing to follow you around, if she trusts you, she can be carried. She likes having her chin scratched by the right person. The person who fosters this special cat will need to be understanding and aware of how she is responding. That said, Lady is affectionate and playful. She can be a ninja at sneaking up and leaning against your leg. She likes a good head scratch and is quick to purr. If she grumbles just give her space. One probably wouldn't wear sandals around her at the beginning.



These two are a bonded pair of orange cats. They are six years old. They were born in the home of an elderly lady who had dementia and did not sterilize their mother. The lady collected cats and ended up with 30 cats. She refused to spay and neuter. We were able to help all of her cats. Batman and Robin are the last two who are waiting for a home. Batman and Robin are very vocal and like to chat with each other and with people.



Ellie Mae is a Siamese mix. She's a "beyond cute" cat who is ready for her forever home or a long-term foster. Ellie Mae will warm up easily to a new person, with a little treat coaxing. She is very friendly with other cats. She was abandoned by her prior owners and we have been taking care of her ever since. Ellie Mae will make a good addition to a home that already has a few cats running around. She adores a good back scratch and has a very soft coat.



Say hello to Ember, who is a six-year-old female tortie with a nearly black face. Ember has not always been in a safe place. So she's sometimes not quite ready to be touched. She will need time to bond when she firsts meets someone. But within a few hours or days, she will be ready for interaction. It's a matter of building a trust and a bond. Ember is adorable, once she knows a person. She sometimes forgets how nice it feels to be petted. As soon as she's comfortable enough to let someone close to her, the floodgates open and she craves attention. Ember likely will bond strongly to whoever adopts her. Once she's around someone daily, it won't take long for that to happen.



We are reaching out to you to help us help these cats. Please consider adopting, fostering or underwriting the cost of caring for one of these special cats.

The cost for underwriting is $15 a week or $60 a month. If you select one of these cats, Voice For The Animals will send you a photo and paw print and keep you updated on their lives and experiences.


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