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Meet Night

Hey everybody, I'm Willow's bestest pal Night, and I'm here to look out for Willow and make sure she's a happy catty. We had what some would call a rough start in life, and so are more than grateful that we were taken in and placed with our foster mom, but most of all I'm grateful that I've kept my pal Willow - life wouldn't be the same without her. I'm not a scaredy cat like Willow; strangers are a little scary, but I take new places in my stride (someone's got to be strong in this catlationship), and so I quickly became accustomed to the living room where I could sit and gaze out of the window all day, and keep an eye on the new human in our lives. 

It took me a while to trust my new foster mom, but in the end I figured anyone who was willing to nap in the wardrobe with Willow and I couldn't be all that bad, plus she totally bribed me with chicken - my weakness. Nowadays she knows just the way I like to be petted, and though her lap looks pretty comfy Willow is usually laying there, but I hope to one day have the chance (and courage) to give it a go myself - I'll keep you posted. :)

- Night