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Confidence is Everything

Today, as always, I woke from my sleeping spot on the couch to my foster dad leaving for work, and then sat at the bedroom door for what felt like an age until mom finally opened up and let me in for some bed cuddles. Nothing quite beats cuddling with my favorite human in a warm messy bed, but then of course, Night showed up and signaled it was past her breakfast time with a 'trill,' as my mom calls it. 

After brekky there was time for a quick game of tag with Night (she always loses) and then it was time to check myself out in the mirror, to make sure I'm looking my cutest - there was just mom at home today, and so there'd be plenty of 'you're so cutes' coming my way if I looked my best. Being this cute is hard work, I have to look at myself in the multiple mirrors from every angle imaginable to make sure I'm positively cute, no matter the light or the angle, and this takes a lot of time. Of course, I was born cute, so there's not much work to do, but confidence is everything. 

Mom was feeling lazy and spent a lot of time sitting where I could lay on her lap, and so that's what I spent most of my day doing. I love days like this because lap warming is one of my favorite activities. Lap warming also means that I'm guaranteed compliments - all I have to do is stare up at mom with my big blue eyes and stick my bottom lip out - it gets her every time....

Anyway, I'm going to go and see if Night has spotted anything interesting out of the window today, talk to you later.

- Willow

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