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Bad News!

Hey everyone,

Today our foster mom told us that she will have to move away soon, all the way back to Australia she says. We don't know where that is and feel like she could easily take us along with her, but she says that it's too far and that we'd have to stay in a place called quarantine for 3 months, which she doesn't seem to think we'd enjoy - she knows us best so I guess we should believe her. She seems really sad about leaving us behind, and keeps saying that she hopes we can find our forever home before she has to leave. We just wish that she didn't have to go and we could stay together forever. :(

So, we're going to use our blog to plead to you, our followers, to ask around or even consider taking us on yourselves, as either our foster parents or forever family. We'd be no trouble - feed us, cuddle with us, and maybe even play with us and we're content. We don't cry much or get in the way, and once we get to know you we promise to give you all the love in the world...we just need to be given a chance.

It's sad that our time with our foster mom is coming to an end, but it's exciting to know that some time soon we could be getting to know and love someone new, could that be you...?!

In need of your help,
Willow & Night

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