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Day of Play

Hey guys, today I've been feeling extra playful and energetic, I'm still bouncing as I write this! I love days like this, when I just feel so fantastic I can't contain myself.

My foster mom hung the laundry out this morning and I love to hide under the rack where Willow can't see me, and then pounce as she's making her way over to the couch. The look on her face when she realizes I've outhid her is hilarious, and then the chase is on - I feel like much of my day today was spent chasing and being chased by Willow. I had never played with Willow until I got to this house, but now I love our daily jaunts and can't believe it took me so long to get involved in Willow's "crazy moments" - it's so much fun!!!

When I wasn't playing with Willow, of course I got some more bird watching in because the day just wouldn't be complete without it! And then it was time to play with foster mom; I think my energy is contagious. My foster mom seems to love the worm on a stick toy, and she's been so nice to me that I can never refuse her offer to play. Willow was pooped out from all the running, so Night and foster mom time it was. Playing with foster mom is great, especially after so much running around, as I can just lay there whilst she waves the worm around and strike out with my paws, roll around, chew on the worm, all sorts of fun things that don't require too much movement.

With my day of play finished, I'm now going to take a well deserve nap on the couch with the foster parents (dad's home from work now), but I'll be back with a Night update again soon, so stay tuned.

- Night

P.S. We are still looking for a new foster home, or better yet a forever home...foster parents' move back to Australia is IMMINENT!