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Hey everyone, 

Well today was different to the norm and I had so much fun! I started off the day as normal, greeting foster mom with my trill good morning when she arose--which always results in some pets--followed by breakfast, and then I spent the rest of my morning doing my favorite pastime: bird watching

But in the afternoon, my day was spiced up a little when foster mom spread out one of our blankets on the floor and sprinkled something over it. I was a little scared at first and so ran and hid under the bed, but on hearing Willow having such a good time I came back out to investigate.

Coming into the living room I could see Willow rolling around and just being generally odd, but when I got to our blanket I realized why...foster mom had sprinkled catnip on the blanket!! I spent the afternoon rolling my fur in the catnip, licking it off, and rolling some more whilst attacking some toys. I felt so good! Willow by this point was attacking her teddy, which was making foster mom laugh a lot, but I was content to keep rolling and licking, rolling and licking. 

After what felt like a week of fun on the blanket, I suddenly realized that it had gotten dark outside and that it was now dinner time. Foster mom said that she had never seen me so relaxed, and I think I'd have to agree. I hope we get some blanket time tomorrow too....


2014-01-14_14.40.57.jpg 2014-01-14_14.44.37.jpg