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Saying Goodbye

Hey everyone,

Today we started a new chapter in our lives, as we made our sad and terrifying goodbyes to our foster mom, and moved in with a new foster family.

The day started like any other day, with foster mom sitting and petting us when she'd first woken up, but from there nothing was the same. Instead of giving us our breakfast she played with us, something which is usually reserved for after breakfast - it was so much fun! We love playing with her, although I've noticed recently that Night is being a bit of a toy hoarder, making it hard for me to play. Night had both the rope toys wrapped around her and was rolling, biting, and batting them; I would keep pouncing on the parts that weren't wrapped around her body because I was determined to have some fun too!

Foster mom petted and played with us for two hours without giving us breakfast, so we should have been suspicious, but we were just having too much fun. When foster mom yelled breakfast time, I was up on the counter and couldn't see Night, but soon jumped down to eat myself. That's when I heard a cage door rattle and immediately ran to hide the wardrobe. Foster mom soon appeared, picked me up and gave me a hug. Next thing I knew I was in the cage with Night by my side, and the next chapter in our rescue life was about to begin.

When we arrived at our new foster home, foster mom stayed with us for a long time. It was reassuring to have her there and I took solace in it, but Night was still terrified. I could tell that foster mom was very sad to leave us behind (I went to sleep in her suitcase last night in the hope that she would zip it up and take me with her to Australia), but she reassured us that these people were nice too, and that we just had to give them a chance - if they provide the chicken, then we will try our best.

- Willow (and Night)

2014-01-21_23.18.59.jpg 2014-01-21_23.21.55.jpg
With our foster mom who had to move back to Australia. We will always love and remember her.