Like Hercules, Lana was found in an alley near skid row. Here she is with her new, adoptive dad! She's so happy to finally have a home.


Hercules was found in an alley near skid row. He is thrilled to be with his new family!


Oscar sat in the medical ward at a high kill shelter for 6 months before VFTA saved him. He had a fractured pelvis which required two surgeries. Now, he is healing with the help of his new brother.

Lemmy and Monkey

Lemmy and Monkey were rescued from the flower mart downtown. They love their new mom!


Priscilla was rescued from skid row. She is living the high-life now with her wonderful family.


Gladys was rescued from a hoarding situation along with 47 other cats. She has certainly made herself comfortable in her new home.

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