Emmett and Jazzy

 Emmett and Jazzy were rescued from skid row as kittens. They have grown into very big, healthy cats.


Squeaks was found in a construction site with severe mange. He is now happy and healthy with his new family!


Freedom was picked up as a stray and sat at the Downey Animal Shelter for months. He suffered from an infection in his tail and had to get it amputated. VFTA is thrilled he has found the most loving forever home.


Potter was abandoned as a kitten. He is so happy to have found his forever home with a feline brother.


Simba's owner tragically passed away. He waited at VFTA for over 6 months before finally finding the perfect home!

Winston And Fergie

Winston and Fergie were rescued as newborns from an alley in Inglewood. They are so happy to finally be home.

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