VFTA led the campaign to reinstate the Animal Cruelty Task Force… and WE SUCCEEDED!!


The odds were stacked against the animals. Right up to the last minute we kept hearing:

“There is no money for this.”

“Don’t even ask! “

“No one will support this.”

“All the funding needs to go to more important human issues!”

We ignored them and persevered—putting our petitions online where we collected 160,000 signatures worldwide! We compiled facts: how mass shooters, school shooters, and domestic violence are ALL connected to animal abuse. We sent these facts to every member of the committee so they could see the impact of animal abuse on OUR species!


Our online petitions collected
160,000 signatures worldwide!


Our voices were heard! Councilmember Bob Blumenfield spoke to the committee and helped them understand that by ignoring animal abuse, we harm OUR species too! Bob received a unanimous vote to fully fund and completely restore the Animal Cruelty Task Force!

I want to thank every one of you who signed the petitions, who wrote, who spoke, who used your voice to make this happen. This is a great day in our City!!


Animal abuse will no longer be ignored!


The bullet that the abuser shot into Ivy's leg


Ivy on the operating table - her leg had to be amputated


Ivy today, happy and pain free with three legs.


Ivy was shot by her abuser. VFTA took her to a wonderful surgeon who performed her amputation surgery and today she is in a new home, happy and moving well on three legs. Animal abusers like the one who shot Ivy will once again be brought to justice for these horrible acts.



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