Animals Listening To Music

We all know that birds and whales like to sing but just because an animal can’t make music that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy it. 

Check out these animals and see for yourself how music truly is the universal language.


A full brass band found its best audience in an unusual spot. The curious cows stop what they’re doing and become engrossed in the music. You’ll notice that not a single one leaves during the performance.


There’s a good chance you’ve seen this viral video of Snowball, the cockatoo, dancing his heart out to The Backstreet Boys. You can tell he’s a superfan because he even copied their frosted tip hairdo.


Can they strum a guitar with their feathered wings? Probably not, but they can certainly enjoy the country twang of a guitarist’s solo. 


We couldn’t tell you what this instrument is but neither could the ducks and that’s not stopping them from enjoying it.


Horses aren’t the first animal you would think of that loves classical music but in a way it makes sense. Vital, powerful, and graceful. Everything Bach is.

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