Bob Ferber's Testimonial


For the second time in 16 years, Voice for the Animal relentlessly and successfully persuaded the LA City Council to fund the LAPD Animal Cruelty Unit.
Some 16 years ago, Melya Kaplan, founder and CEO of Voice for the Animals, learned of the critical need for a specially trained group of LAPD officers whose sole responsibility was the investigation of animal cruelty and neglect. Melya Kaplan worked tirelessly to facilitate discussions, meetings and the eventual funding of the unprecedented LAPD Animal Cruelty Unit. That Unit eventually became part of the newly formed L.A. Animal Cruelty Task Force, comprised of LAPD, the LA City Attorney and LA County District Attorney. That Task Force soon proved its worth with hundreds of prosecutions of animal abusers and neglecters who would otherwise have been held unaccountable.
Most recently, Melya learned of the surprising disbandment of the LAPD Animal Cruelty Unit. Determined to save the Unit, Melya again brought together Council representatives and experts in the field, along with gathering over 167,000 signatures, demanding the restoration of the Unit. Despite grim predictions, the Council relied upon Melya’s petition, data from VFTA and testimonials and support from experts, and overwhelmingly approved funding of a fully staffed LAPD Animal Cruelty Unit.
Kudos to Melya for your continuing efforts to save and protect animals.

Bob Ferber
Attorney at Law
Founder/Supervisor (retired)
L.A. City Attorney Animal Protection Unit
Co-founder LA Animal Cruelty Task Force

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