Grover Rescues Freedom

Freedom is Free! 


We rescued Freedom from the Animal Shelter. He's a cockapoo that was surrendered by his owners. He came to the shelter with a bad infection on his tail. The poor little guy was in so much pain, and then he just couldn't feel it anymore. The shelter couldn't save his tail so they had to cut it off! He now has a short tail. However, he walks well on a leash, gives lots of kisses, and loves to play!



Freedom fell in love, with an amazing woman who has lots of time to love. He goes on hikes, trips, loves the grand kids and is just immensely happy. We couldn't have done it without Grover's Fund, Mike Mahler established Grover's Fund to help other dogs in need of rescue. Thank you Grover for helping Freedom, thank you, for another life saved. New_heart.jpg

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