Helping Friends Testimonials

"I had to bring my Therapy Dog Michael Angelo to the Vet today. I did not have the funds to pay for the full blood work and decided (bad decision on my part) to try to treat him.  Well he would not eat and I called the Vet back on Saturday and the receptionist told me to try to feed him with a eye dropper and call back on  Monday if does not improve.   So today I brought him back, Bad news the blood work came back positive for Pancreatitis.  I had to admit him to the Hospital.  Now thanks to wonderful people like yourself, I am a little at ease.

I thank you very much for your assistance, This means the world too me." 

"I wanted to thank Voice For The Animals again for their pledge.  Xena had a successful surgery.  The vet says her activity should be minimized for 3 weeks until the bone heals. She is able to move around but she's really sore. She's taking antibiotics and pain medications.  She's been resting a lot. She would've been put to sleep in a city shelter. Thank you so much for helping us give her a second chance to live.

"We found Peanut in our lawn with an injured leg. Most likely hit by a car or motorcycle and abandoned in our yard. The wound was down to the bone and the paw was just hanging by fragments. The leg will soon have to be amputated. Thank you for your donation for the amputation at Moreno Valley Animal Hospital."

"Mia broke her leg this past Saturday night. She fell off some wood boards that are in our back yard and broke her leg. My family and I are on a fixed budget. The money that I bring in is accounted for rent, bills and food. So far we have had no problem providing for Mia but now that she needs medical assistance we do need help. The ex-rays the doctor showed me indicate she will need a minor surgical procedure to place a pin on the bone in order to fix the problem. 

I really want to thank you for the help you have offered. It means a lot to my family and I.

Thanks very much!! :)"

"About 3 or 4 weeks ago Ceci found an unconscious cat on the side of the street, she was able to grab the cat and bring it home.  We named the cat “Hope”.  Since the cat was not domesticated we were planning to release it on the back of the house but we needed help with the sterilization procedure.  

I proceeded to call about 5 or 6 nonprofit cat organizations and all but one was willing to help.  Debbie Woods from Voice For The Animals Foundation called back and she not only was willing to help with the sterilization but offered also to gave Hope her vaccinations and place a microchip.

To my eyes Debbie is a true humane champion for all of those animals who need help. She show love, care and dedication for Hope, and I am pretty sure that she would gave the same treatment to any animal in need. 

Debbie called me several time to make sure that Hope was OK, and contacted me after Hope got her surgical.  For that Debbie, my wife myself and Hope  are eternal grateful to you."

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