Jenna's Story

The first time we saw you, you could not stand up. Your back legs had collapsed. Yet you bravely tried to drag yourself forward, determined to live. 
Someone had found you in the woods. Abandoned. Starving. They asked us to take you in. We said yes. We immediately rushed you to the vet. Lymphoma. It had spread. Was there anything we could do? We looked into your eyes and saw your fierce spirit. You were ready to fight for your life. And we were ready to help you. 
Over the next year, you slowly regained your strength. At first you just sat in front of the screen door, unable to move. Then you attempted to stand. And slowly your legs began to support you. And then you walked! It was a miracle! 
You never complained about all the vet visits and medications you had to take. Your face glowed with gratitude. 
Then came the day you jumped up on the cat tree! You let everyone know this was your home! You were the queen of the office. You knew you were safe and loved.
With every visit, the vet would warn us that the day would come when the disease would spread again. It could never be cured. But you didn't care.  Whenever any of us would walk in the door, you would run to greet us. You were so happy to have a family!
Yesterday the unmistakable signs appeared. The disease had spread. It was time, the vet said. 
We will miss you, Jenna. It was an honor to know such a great spirit as you. You will live in our hearts forever.

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