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We Found A Home!

Hey Everyone!

Willow here! Night and I are so happy in our new home, and our new dad discovered us through our blog! It took a few days, but we have finally become comfortable in our new setting.  I love to chat with our dad, and sometimes Night will join in with the chit-chat. We love to wake our dad up early, but we decided to let him sleep in a little today. 

Everything in this new place is so interesting! We get very curious, and I love to look around and enjoy all the new sights and smells.  Night is still a little cautious, but if I'm running about she happily comes around me.  It's fun to follow our new dad by his heels, and Night follows me at mine! We are like a train of ducklings! 

Whenever we want our wet food, we congregate in the kitchen and meow for dad, and he always seems to know exactly what we're saying! The dry food is good, but the wet food is always such a treat.

Night likes to watch our dad carefully, while I take the reigns and explore our new environment! There are so many new shelves for Night and I to jump onto, height is never an issue with us.  Night used to hide on top of the refrigerator, but now she is fully out and about. 

When we are getting ready for bed, I like to groom Night and get comfortable.  We are heavy sleepers, and enjoy a nice nap! Once we are recharged, we quickly find our dad and I begin the chatting.

The bathroom was easy to find, as was all our bags of food in the kitchen cabinets! We love our new toys, and it's fun to sit and watch the television! We are having a great time with our new dad, and we can't wait to meet the rest of our family who will be arriving in a few months time.