Information On Reporting Animal Abuse

  1. WHERE the incident is occurring: exact address is imperative (residence, business, vicinity, i.e., beach area next to…); also, direction of travel (i.e., walking, driving away).
  2. WHO is doing it: description of perpetrator(s) including gender, age, ethnicity, basic physical description (hair color, length, clothing).
  3. DESCRIPTION of ANIMAL(S) and WHERE animal(s) is/are located on property.
  4. WHAT the nature of the abuse is (beating, neglect, left confined in hot car).
  5. IN PROGRESS or CHRONIC PROBLEM. Is it occurring just right at that moment or does it occur routinely? If chronic, give background of the problem to help officer understand the problem. If in progress and of an URGENT nature, alert complaint operator so that an expeditious response can be initiated (as in cases of dogfight in progress, stabbing, strangling, etc.).
  6. Your NAME and phone number. IT IS POSSIBLE TO ANONYMOUSLY REPORT ANIMAL ABUSE, but the more involved the complainant is in the process, the more likely the success of the investigation. You may be able to remain anonymous initially but still leave contact information.
  7. Take photos, video tapes, or audio tapes to assist officers if you can do so WITHOUT JEOPARDIZING YOUR OWN SAFETY. If you know the location of evidence, alert police to its whereabouts.

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