Rescue & Adoption Testimonials

"Bennett and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Simba!!! He's been the best dog in the world and I'm so happy to have him in our home. He loves to nap and cuddle and he's a pro on the leash. He's also VERY acrobatic! He's always flipping himself around and galloping. He's pretty hilarious."


"I sent Voice For The Animals Foundation an email regarding a beautiful dog that was thrown out of a car in front of my parent's home. Debbie called me moments after receiving my email…wow! She was SO wonderful! Debbie was helpful, professional, kind, patient… I’m beyond impressed. :) I've contacted numerous rescue groups/organizations and Voice For The Animals Foundation is the only one to call me. Debbie had a positive attitude, despite the sad situation, and was full of great suggestions. She reassured me Voice For The Animals Foundation would do their best to help Alana…that she wouldn’t be forgotten. 

 I just wanted to take a moment to commend you on what a wonderful experience I had with your organization. You’re truly unique. I feel hopeful again! 

 Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

“Due to the economy and our having to downsize to an apartment that does not allow pets, Tony, our 8 year old rescued cat needed a new home and continued love. After close to a year, four counties, 20 phone calls to shelters, exhausting all our neighborhood, friends, and family contacts, Santa Monica Animal Shelter led us to Voice For the Animals Foundation. I had been told for a year Tony was considered a senior cat and would be put down within 72 hours if not adopted. Voice For the Animals handled Tony’s transport and transition with dignity, respect, and compassion. We will be forever grateful and continue to support Voice For the Animals.”

“VFTA helped me tremendously this year. My cat, Juliette, had been with me since college, she had moved cities and states with me and we were attached at the hip. I didn’t want to take her to an animal shelter because I knew that they would put her to sleep within a few weeks if she wasn’t adopted. When I found VFTA it was the answer to my prayers, it prevented my cat from being locked away and possibly killed in an animal shelter, and I didn’t have to worry about her roaming the streets cold and starving. She was adopted a few weeks later and now she is happy in a new family who loves her as much as I do. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with VFTA!”

“I had contacted dozens of pet agencies and organizations, and you were the first one to respond. I have been living in emergency shelters for the past half year. I didn’t know who to contact, hence the dozens of calls I made. Voice For The Animals came through with flying colors, despite several roadblocks that I could not avoid, and you found my girls a good temporary foster home! Since my cats comprise my family, I am forever grateful for your wonderful and kind assistance! THANK YOU!!!”

“I heard crying near a vacant house next to mine, it appeared to be the only one. I looked a few feet away and there was one that didn’t survive. I picked up the living little kitty and took it to my house.  I took care of her like a baby. I called a rescue and left a couple of messages for information, then I called back but never received a return call.  Voice For The Animals Foundation returned my call, and the same day I spoke with Debbie, who called me numerous times throughout the day to keep me posted on the lil’ kitty. Debbie was able to place her in a place where the kitty will receive the care she needed. Thank you so much Voice for the Animals and keep me posted on the Lil’ Critter I miss so much!”


"My family and I are eternally grateful to Voice For The Animals for their tireless and thorough efforts to place our rescue dog, Suzy, in a safe and loving home. My family was struck with tragedy last summer and we lost everything, including our home. Of all our losses, our dog was the most painful. Voice For The Animals found a permanent and loving home …”


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