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Each year VFTA receives and responds to 16,800 requests for assistance:

VFTA Hotline callers, including LAPD officers, ask us to provide Working Cats as an environmentally sound way to deter rodents and save the life of feral cats.

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Executive Director Melya Kaplan with LAPD Commander Tim Nordquist

See what Commander Nordquist has to say about Working Cats

VFTA Hotline callers ask for help locating low-cost spay-neuter and vaccination clinics, information on feral cats, dog trainers, and behaviorists, help finding a lost pet, assistance with wildlife, helping to place an animal due to an emergency, and guidance and information on a myriad of other animal issues.

Dorothy called our Hotline. She was ready to give up her dog. She was convinced the dog could not be trained and she was at her wit’s end. Through the Hotline, she was connected to a dog trainer and also given the name of an animal communicator. With our help, she decided to keep her dog.

VFTA Hotline Helping Friends Program assists hundreds of families during difficult economic times by paying their vet bills so they can keep their animals in their homes.

People like Aaron, who found that shortly after his own injury his kitten got sick and needed care, as well. With his own medical bills due, he turned to Helping Friends.

VFTA Hotline Rescue And Adoption Program rescues and re-homes older animals who have lived in their homes their whole lives and are suddenly turned into shelters. Individuals as well as shelter volunteers call us for help to rescue older animals.

A person called our Hotline and told us about Bobcat. He was on red alert in a high kill shelter. He was about to be killed at 4:00 on a Friday. We jumped into action! At 3:00 we drove down and rescued Bobcat. When we first saw Bobcat, he was very thin and weak. We immediately took Bobcat to our vet. She discovered that he had lymphoma in his intestines and prescribed treatment. A couple asked if they could foster Bobcat. After being with the fosters for a few days, Bobcat began to gain weight! The fosters are very much in love with Bobcat and because our vet caught the cancer early, he is now doing very well.

Every day VFTA responds to requests from callers seeking our help. We are now asking YOU to help us so we can continue helping every person in need who reaches out to us.

We get calls every day from people like Aaron asking us to save their kitten’s life. And people asking us to take older cats like Bobcat. We can’t say “yes” to them without your help!

These animals are depending on YOU! When you donate you are giving animals a chance at a new life!




From all of us at Voice For The Animals, we wish you a Happy Holiday and a wonderful New Year!

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