Thank you for your interest in VFTA! 
We rely on the gracious help of volunteers to help us get as many cats and dogs a second chance at life!

We currently need volunteer help in the following areas:

Photographer: HD-capable photographer, able to shoot both stills and video.  Smartphone pictures are acceptable if high-quality.

An Errand Runner: Someone to help us take animals to the vet, pick up food and other supplies, and handle other miscellaneous errands.

Cat Socialization: Someone to help socialize shy cats and prepare them for adoption. This includes feeding and cleaning up after them.

Social Media/Promotional Materials:  Looking for people to help us create posters and fliers to raise money for abandoned animals.

Host a Fundraiser! Host your own bake sale or car wash in honor of one or many animals in need. Every cent counts!


If any of these interest you, please click the link below and give specific times and dates of your availability, as well as the job(s) you’d be interested in doing.


(Volunteers under 18 need their parents to sign a release form).

Other Questions Please Contact Us

Thank you again for your interest!

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