Grover Rescues Simba

Meet Simba!


When we took Simba out of the shelter, we were informed that he was found standing over his deceased owner's body three days after she passed away. When he was found, he was howling in grief. Even with everything he has gone through, he is the most loving and sweet doggie! He had dental issues; he was overweight; his nails were long and had affected how he walked. He got all the help he needed and healed up nicely, but, for six months, Simba couldn't find a home. Then, a beautiful family decided to adopt Simba (vs a puppy) because he needed it the most. Congratulations, Simba, on your happy ending New_heart.jpg



Thanks to the Grover Fund, Mike and Grover helped VFTA rescue Simba! Thank you for another life saved. 


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