Meet Willow

Hi, let me introduce myself, I'm Willow, a one year old lynx point Siamese kitty or so I'm told, all I know is that I'm beautiful! I live in Marina Del Rey with my foster mom and best friend Night, who is my opposite with her beautiful black coat and big yellow eyes - but don't tell her I said so, it'll go to her head. Our lives began in a hoarder's home with over 40 other cats; it was loud, chaotic and scary, and we're glad to have the peace and one-on-one love our foster mom's home has brought.

It didn't take long for us to realize that this house was nothing like the one which we were born in, and our foster mom quickly showed us that people can be good. We were won us over with time, patience and of course delicious chicken - we're cats, that was always going to be a winner. I was glad to have Night with me, it made this new strange place less scary, and gave me someone to talk to - if I couldn't see her she'd come running if I called. :) The wardrobe did remain my favorite daytime place for a couple of weeks, and I still like to have a quick cat nap in there if the doors are left open, but nowadays I mostly like to hang out with my foster mom! ;)

Night and I are looking for our forever home, so we decided to start a blog (our foster mom does all the typing because we're a bit clumsy with our paws, but don't worry, we look over her shoulders to make sure she's getting it right) for the world to get to know us better and fall in love with us!

- Willow


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