We Found A Home!

Hey Everyone!

Willow here! Night and I are so happy in our new home, and our new dad discovered us through our blog! It took a few days, but we have finally become comfortable in our new setting.  I love to chat with our dad, and sometimes Night will join in with the chit-chat. We love to wake our dad up early, but we decided to let him sleep in a little today. 

Everything in this new place is so interesting! We get very curious, and I love to look around and enjoy all the new sights and smells.  Night is still a little cautious, but if I'm running about she happily comes around me.  It's fun to follow our new dad by his heels, and Night follows me at mine! We are like a train of ducklings! 

Whenever we want our wet food, we congregate in the kitchen and meow for dad, and he always seems to know exactly what we're saying! The dry food is good, but the wet food is always such a treat.

Night likes to watch our dad carefully, while I take the reigns and explore our new environment! There are so many new shelves for Night and I to jump onto, height is never an issue with us.  Night used to hide on top of the refrigerator, but now she is fully out and about. 

When we are getting ready for bed, I like to groom Night and get comfortable.  We are heavy sleepers, and enjoy a nice nap! Once we are recharged, we quickly find our dad and I begin the chatting.

The bathroom was easy to find, as was all our bags of food in the kitchen cabinets! We love our new toys, and it's fun to sit and watch the television! We are having a great time with our new dad, and we can't wait to meet the rest of our family who will be arriving in a few months time.  





Saying Goodbye

Hey everyone,

Today we started a new chapter in our lives, as we made our sad and terrifying goodbyes to our foster mom, and moved in with a new foster family.

The day started like any other day, with foster mom sitting and petting us when she'd first woken up, but from there nothing was the same. Instead of giving us our breakfast she played with us, something which is usually reserved for after breakfast - it was so much fun! We love playing with her, although I've noticed recently that Night is being a bit of a toy hoarder, making it hard for me to play. Night had both the rope toys wrapped around her and was rolling, biting, and batting them; I would keep pouncing on the parts that weren't wrapped around her body because I was determined to have some fun too!

Foster mom petted and played with us for two hours without giving us breakfast, so we should have been suspicious, but we were just having too much fun. When foster mom yelled breakfast time, I was up on the counter and couldn't see Night, but soon jumped down to eat myself. That's when I heard a cage door rattle and immediately ran to hide the wardrobe. Foster mom soon appeared, picked me up and gave me a hug. Next thing I knew I was in the cage with Night by my side, and the next chapter in our rescue life was about to begin.

When we arrived at our new foster home, foster mom stayed with us for a long time. It was reassuring to have her there and I took solace in it, but Night was still terrified. I could tell that foster mom was very sad to leave us behind (I went to sleep in her suitcase last night in the hope that she would zip it up and take me with her to Australia), but she reassured us that these people were nice too, and that we just had to give them a chance - if they provide the chicken, then we will try our best.

- Willow (and Night)

2014-01-21_23.18.59.jpg 2014-01-21_23.21.55.jpg
With our foster mom who had to move back to Australia. We will always love and remember her.



Hey everyone, 

Well today was different to the norm and I had so much fun! I started off the day as normal, greeting foster mom with my trill good morning when she arose--which always results in some pets--followed by breakfast, and then I spent the rest of my morning doing my favorite pastime: bird watching

But in the afternoon, my day was spiced up a little when foster mom spread out one of our blankets on the floor and sprinkled something over it. I was a little scared at first and so ran and hid under the bed, but on hearing Willow having such a good time I came back out to investigate.

Coming into the living room I could see Willow rolling around and just being generally odd, but when I got to our blanket I realized why...foster mom had sprinkled catnip on the blanket!! I spent the afternoon rolling my fur in the catnip, licking it off, and rolling some more whilst attacking some toys. I felt so good! Willow by this point was attacking her teddy, which was making foster mom laugh a lot, but I was content to keep rolling and licking, rolling and licking. 

After what felt like a week of fun on the blanket, I suddenly realized that it had gotten dark outside and that it was now dinner time. Foster mom said that she had never seen me so relaxed, and I think I'd have to agree. I hope we get some blanket time tomorrow too....


2014-01-14_14.40.57.jpg 2014-01-14_14.44.37.jpg


Comforting Foster Mom

Hey guys,

Well, today was a lazy day, my foster mom hurt her head last night and so wasn't up for playing or helping me in the bathroom with my reflection. What she needed was lots of love, and that's something I'm very good at giving. 

Firstly, when my foster dad left in the morning he left the bedroom door open so that I could keep my eye on her and make sure that she was okay. I jumped on the bed and gave her a face nuzzle and a kiss on the hand to let her know that I was there. Then moved to the end of the bed and slept next to her legs so that I was out of the way but in a place that let her know I was around.

After breakfast I played with Night--this is our normal morning ritual--before joining foster mom on the couch and giving her as much love as cat possible. I think that I did a good job because she seemed to have a smile on her face whenever I looked up - she says that I have a lot of love to give and I really do! :D 

So today was another good day at my foster mom's; I warmed laps, played with Night, ate some chicken, scratched my post, and did a little bird watching with Night!

Talk soon,

P.S. We are still looking for a new foster home, or better yet a forever home...our foster mom is leaving next Thursday! Read more about this at http://www.vftafoundation.org/20140104_bad_news



Day of Play

Hey guys, today I've been feeling extra playful and energetic, I'm still bouncing as I write this! I love days like this, when I just feel so fantastic I can't contain myself.

My foster mom hung the laundry out this morning and I love to hide under the rack where Willow can't see me, and then pounce as she's making her way over to the couch. The look on her face when she realizes I've outhid her is hilarious, and then the chase is on - I feel like much of my day today was spent chasing and being chased by Willow. I had never played with Willow until I got to this house, but now I love our daily jaunts and can't believe it took me so long to get involved in Willow's "crazy moments" - it's so much fun!!!

When I wasn't playing with Willow, of course I got some more bird watching in because the day just wouldn't be complete without it! And then it was time to play with foster mom; I think my energy is contagious. My foster mom seems to love the worm on a stick toy, and she's been so nice to me that I can never refuse her offer to play. Willow was pooped out from all the running, so Night and foster mom time it was. Playing with foster mom is great, especially after so much running around, as I can just lay there whilst she waves the worm around and strike out with my paws, roll around, chew on the worm, all sorts of fun things that don't require too much movement.

With my day of play finished, I'm now going to take a well deserve nap on the couch with the foster parents (dad's home from work now), but I'll be back with a Night update again soon, so stay tuned.

- Night

P.S. We are still looking for a new foster home, or better yet a forever home...foster parents' move back to Australia is IMMINENT!



Bad News!

Hey everyone,

Today our foster mom told us that she will have to move away soon, all the way back to Australia she says. We don't know where that is and feel like she could easily take us along with her, but she says that it's too far and that we'd have to stay in a place called quarantine for 3 months, which she doesn't seem to think we'd enjoy - she knows us best so I guess we should believe her. She seems really sad about leaving us behind, and keeps saying that she hopes we can find our forever home before she has to leave. We just wish that she didn't have to go and we could stay together forever. :(

So, we're going to use our blog to plead to you, our followers, to ask around or even consider taking us on yourselves, as either our foster parents or forever family. We'd be no trouble - feed us, cuddle with us, and maybe even play with us and we're content. We don't cry much or get in the way, and once we get to know you we promise to give you all the love in the world...we just need to be given a chance.

It's sad that our time with our foster mom is coming to an end, but it's exciting to know that some time soon we could be getting to know and love someone new, could that be you...?!

In need of your help,
Willow & Night

20131029_111255.jpg 2013-11-07_19.20.27.jpg

The Lid

Hey everyone, Willow again!

Wow, what an awesome day I had today thanks to my foster mom giving me a bottle lid to play with. I know what you might be thinking: "A bottle lid? Why didn't she give you a cat toy?" Well, I do have lots of cat toys, but she knows that my biggest weakness is bottle tops - I just can't resist them! I see them on the floor or in her hand and I'm hooked instantly. I think foster mom gets a lot of fun out of watching me play - she does seem to laugh a lot as I pounce in the air to attack the lid. Luckily she pays me with love, else I may feel a little used. I feel my entire day was spent in pursuit of my pal "the lid," but then it is the bestest toy in the world, so that can't be a bad way to spend a day. 

By the time dinner came around, I was so hungry from chasing my obsession all day that I actually finished mine before Night, which has never happened before - she usually eats hers and then comes for mine. With a full belly and worn out from the day's events, I think it's time to nap on foster mom's lap and soak up some attention...the day's not complete without some Willow love!

Until next time,



Bird Watching

Hey everyone, Night here! I had a really great day today and felt like sharing it with the world, so here it is. :)

My favorite pastime is bird watching, and luckily for me, my foster mom's apartment is surrounded by trees and so there's lots of birds to be watched. Really, I'd love to get out there and practice my hunting skills for real, but foster mom says going outside is a no no, which is probably smart as there's a good chance that I'd fall right off the balcony trying to catch the birds that mock me from the branches. 

Still, I think it's good to keep my stalking practice up so that my skills are purrfect - at least I'd be able to catch toy birds and mice with ease. This is my strategy: I hide behind the shelf where the birds can't see me and then wait for them to look away - then it's all engines on as I speed stealth towards the door! If I could get to the birds then I'm sure my hunt would be a success because they NEVER see me coming...but alas, the practice is still fun.

Today was so much fun that I'm thinking of making it a repeat performance tomorrow. I should go and check on Willow now; she joined me for some bird watching earlier but I've been so distracted by the birds myself that I barely even noticed....

Until next time,


Confidence is Everything

Today, as always, I woke from my sleeping spot on the couch to my foster dad leaving for work, and then sat at the bedroom door for what felt like an age until mom finally opened up and let me in for some bed cuddles. Nothing quite beats cuddling with my favorite human in a warm messy bed, but then of course, Night showed up and signaled it was past her breakfast time with a 'trill,' as my mom calls it. 

After brekky there was time for a quick game of tag with Night (she always loses) and then it was time to check myself out in the mirror, to make sure I'm looking my cutest - there was just mom at home today, and so there'd be plenty of 'you're so cutes' coming my way if I looked my best. Being this cute is hard work, I have to look at myself in the multiple mirrors from every angle imaginable to make sure I'm positively cute, no matter the light or the angle, and this takes a lot of time. Of course, I was born cute, so there's not much work to do, but confidence is everything. 

Mom was feeling lazy and spent a lot of time sitting where I could lay on her lap, and so that's what I spent most of my day doing. I love days like this because lap warming is one of my favorite activities. Lap warming also means that I'm guaranteed compliments - all I have to do is stare up at mom with my big blue eyes and stick my bottom lip out - it gets her every time....

Anyway, I'm going to go and see if Night has spotted anything interesting out of the window today, talk to you later.

- Willow

2013-12-13_11.15.33.jpg 2013-12-13_11.16.40.jpg


Meet Night

Hey everybody, I'm Willow's bestest pal Night, and I'm here to look out for Willow and make sure she's a happy catty. We had what some would call a rough start in life, and so are more than grateful that we were taken in and placed with our foster mom, but most of all I'm grateful that I've kept my pal Willow - life wouldn't be the same without her. I'm not a scaredy cat like Willow; strangers are a little scary, but I take new places in my stride (someone's got to be strong in this catlationship), and so I quickly became accustomed to the living room where I could sit and gaze out of the window all day, and keep an eye on the new human in our lives. 

It took me a while to trust my new foster mom, but in the end I figured anyone who was willing to nap in the wardrobe with Willow and I couldn't be all that bad, plus she totally bribed me with chicken - my weakness. Nowadays she knows just the way I like to be petted, and though her lap looks pretty comfy Willow is usually laying there, but I hope to one day have the chance (and courage) to give it a go myself - I'll keep you posted. :)

- Night



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